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Global Perspective


  • Nationally Competitive Scholarship Winners
  • Study abroad special
  • Alternative Spring Break: Honduras
  • Honors in Action
  • Alumni updates

Publication Date

Fall 2008


Georgia Southern University

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University Honors Program, Georgia Southern University, Katie Brookins, Madrid, Spain, Globalization, Honduras, Jake Taylor, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, Finland, Nicole Harper, Fulbright U.S. Student Grant, Honors thesis, Slovenia, Zack Anderson, U.S. Department of State Critical Language Program, Arabic, Egypt, Cairo, Krista Wiegand, Jeff Palis, Elizabeth Debban, Latvia, Brittany Porter, Germany, Jake Wallace, Costa Rica, Kenny Metasavage, England, Ireland, Ava Conger, David Robeck, Ann Hedges, Spain, Segovia, Cayla Rowell, Brittany Thurston, John Di Pietro, Montepulciano, Italy, Chris Booth, Chile, Steven Roberson, Honors Alternative Spring Break, Global citizens, Copprome, Orphanage, Darin Van Tassell, David Robeck, Semana Santa, Gustavo Rodriguez, Heather Jo Harralson, Jorge Garcia Martinez, Ron Jones, Stephanie Coplan, Jennifer Tarrab, Tegucigalpa, Cecilia Midence, Telamar, Students Helping Honduras, David Robeck, Jessica Sparrow, Holly Larsen, Peace Corps Volunteer, Mali, HIV/AIDS awareness group, Christopher Riley, Wired Magazine, “Green Chemistry” project, Leila Tubbeh, Steve Stepanek, Bikers, John Oxford, Molecular biosensor and imaging, Fluorogen Activating Proteins (FAPs), Jessica Martin, Dinosaur, Paleontology, Chris Geyerman, “Implied Messages in Mass Media”, Sarah Anzjon, Research experience for undergraduates, University of South Carolina, Lisa Costello, Joe Waddell, Gopher tortoises, Lance McBrayer, Carolyn Bryan, Holocaust, Krista Wiegand, Mentorship, Honors theses, Honors capstone, D. Brett Curry, First Year Experience, Jennifer Dukes, Elizabeth Debban, Steven Roberson, Critical sense of inquiry, Civic responsibility, Spirit of creativity, Global perspective, Capstone project


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