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Biochemistry (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Gary Guillet


Extended metal atom chains (EMACs) represent molecular structures comprising a linear arrangement of metal ions, accompanied by supporting ligands. These compounds possess intriguing properties, yet remain understudied, drawing interest from diverse fields such as physics. However, synthesizing these multimetallic complexes poses significant challenges due to their intricate nature and specificity. Bridging ligands like silyl aminopyridine (SAP) and dipyridyl amine (DAP) have been utilized successfully to support EMACs, with SAP's application in this context being limited to a single published case, highlighting the urgent need for stabilization. This project aims to address this challenge through the synthesis of a novel scaffolded ligand, facilitating the creation of more robust EMACs. The synthesis process entails a meticulous three-step procedure, offering promising prospects for advancing the understanding and application of EMACs in various scientific domains.