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Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Fernando Rios-Gutierrez


Automation refers to the use of technology to execute tasks through programmed instructions and automated control mechanisms to ensure accurate execution. This minimizes human involvement and encompasses various fields, including business process automation. A notable form of automation is assistive technology, which refers to any device or software that enhances individuals' learning, communication, or overall functionality. This can range from advanced tools like computers to simpler aids like walking sticks. Assistive technology aims to promote inclusivity and participation, particularly among individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and those with non-communicable diseases.

The Automated Airport Wheelchair is a culmination of prior projects developed over time. This wheelchair offers two modes of operation: automatic and manual. In the automatic mode, the wheelchair can either go to a desired location set in the wheelchair or follow a friend via an app.