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Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Nancy Remler


Creative writing is rarely highlighted in public classrooms, yet it may be the key to development for both students and teachers. Due to restrictions such as time limitations, personal experience, pressures of testing, and more, teachers find creativity intimidating to teach. The Deep Center in Savannah, GA, a site of the National Writing Project, offers an intensive 10-day program for teachers that encompasses writing, creativity, and community. This qualitative case study utilizes the context of the Deep Center’s Writing Project as a background to analyze participants' perceptions of creativity in their classrooms and their own personal engagement in creative writing. Individual interviews were conducted with five participants of the Deep Center and put through a thematic analysis. There are strong connections between creativity as a teacher skill and creative writing as a personal practice. Community, feedback, confidence, and challenges were some themes. This is a broad topic, and research needs to be done in the future on the subjects of creativity, creative writing, and teacher engagement to further understand its wide implications.