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Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Lynn Roberts


Within this study, the question of “what are teachers’ rationale for incorporating kinesthetic learning in the elementary classroom '' will be addressed. The purpose of this study is to gain insight from elementary teachers’ perceptions and their rationale on the use of movement-based learning in the classroom. To examine further into this research, interviews were conducted. Participants of the study were elementary classroom teachers. During seven online meetings, the researcher interviewed using consistent guiding questions asking elementary teachers about their implementation and rationale of movement-based learning in their classroom experiences. The researcher also asked questions to gain an understanding of how teachers define kinesthetic learning. After the study was completed, the researcher found similarities and differences between the teachers’ perceptions on the topic of kinesthetic learning. The elementary teachers gave a variety of meanings when asked for their definition of kinesthetic learning. On the other hand, even though different teaching experiences exist there was a strong connection on the barriers to incorporating kinesthetic learning in the classroom. Overall, incorporating kinesthetics into the classroom involves more than adding it as a strategy to help strengthen students’ learning. This study can be used for both teachers and non-teachers to get an understanding of the rationale behind the use of kinesthetic learning in the classroom. The findings will be helpful to educators who are making decisions about using kinesthetic learning within their practice.