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Ariel Cagle


Atopic dermatitis is a skin disorder commonly known as eczema. This autoimmune disease is common and can appear on multiple parts of the body as dry, itchy skin. This thesis will discuss research on educational programs presented to nursing students in a Bachelor’s of Science nursing program on how to recognize atopic dermatitis and its triggers and be able to properly educate future patients about it. Nurse-led education is beneficial in reducing disease severity and improving quality of life by enhancing self-management, adherence and patient/guardian engagement. Are nursing students aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease, and do they have the knowledge to educate patients on their condition when they attain their licensure? In order to conduct this research, an educational presentation was created that taught college of nursing students what atopic dermatitis is, with a goal of improving knowledge for when they take care of patients with it. With the implementation of a Qualtrics pre and post-test, pre-existing knowledge of atopic dermatitis was surveyed and an increase in knowledge was evident in the post-test. Students showed an increased recognition in terminology and common triggers post-presentation. Nursing is a large field that provides crucial one-on-one interactions with patients. It is important for nurses to prepare for all varieties of illnesses and to know how to properly educate throughout their careers. If an educational presentation is effective at improving a college of nursing student’s overall knowledge about atopic dermatitis, widespread implementation should be feasible in other nursing programs.

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