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Music Education: Choral/Instrumental (B.M.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. David W Langley


In music education, festival events are a chance to receive feedback from experts in the field. Often, these events have literature lists from which directors are required to choose literature for the event. With choral festivals being so prevalent in music education, the literature lists provided to choral music educators have a major impact on young singers. Literature selection can be intense for choral music educators who decide what factors to consider when selecting literature. The purpose of this study was to explore and analyze the diversity of choral literature through analysis of the Georgia LGPE list while also gaining a better understanding of literature selection processes. My research questions were 1) What choral literature is most prevalent in the Large Group Performance Evaluation list in Georgia and 2) How do choral music educators approach the process of choosing literature, and what role does diversity play in that process. The sequential explanatory mixed methods approach was used. An analysis of the diversity of choral festival literature on the LGPE list was collected, followed by semi-structured interviews in which a broader perspective on the literature selection process was gained. Informants, chosen by convenience sampling, were required to be current choral music educators with at least one full year of experience. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed using a two-step inductive coding process. Data were triangulated by way of member checking the transcripts. Applications for this research include choral music educators being more aware of the diversity of their festival literature.