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Nursing (BSN)

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Thesis (open access)

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Helen Taggart


Even without the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, nursing schools are recognized as a stressful environment "that often exert a negative effect on the academic performances and psychological well-being of the students" (Gomathi et al., 2017). Exploring the changes this ongoing pandemic has on nursing students' views and perspectives, along with their perceived threats, failures, and successes brought on by this pandemic will provide good insight into further changes that need to be implemented to better prepare nursing students through their programs. To accomplish this, participants within the nursing program were surveyed via a 21-question survey on Qualtrics. A retrospective analysis was the methodology implemented in exploring this topic. Descriptive stats were used to describe samples, and answers to open-ended questions were grouped by themes. The analysis revealed that the participating nursing students were being affected by the pandemic: however, their driving forces for pursuing this profession keep them pushing ahead. The insight gained from this study could be beneficial to future nursing students in their programs if their programs make changes for better transparent communication and the addition of E-learning strategies like recording and posting lectures to in-person lectures.