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Biology (B.S.B.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Michele Guidone



Spartina alterniflora is an abundant plant in eastern US and Gulf coast salt marshes; it is important in maintaining a diverse ecosystem. Salt marshes are impacted by rainstorms, which may affect erosion events. This project examined the partitioning of rainfall on single plants of various sizes and on central plants within different canopy densities of S. alterniflora. By calculating the rain stemflow (SF), throughfall (TF), and water adhered to the stem in S. alterniflora, we gained insight to rainfall partitioning with different plant features. My research found no statistically significant relationship between different plant features and SF, TF, and water adhered. However, the strongest correlation with leaves showed a trend of water adherence to the plant increased with the number of leaves on the plant. This indicated plant features may affect how impactful rainfall events are to erosion, but further study is needed.