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Middle Grades Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Dr. Elizabeth Barrow


Adolescence is a crucial period for emotional and physical development. It is important to acknowledge the physical and emotional changes to an individual’s mental well-being as it can affect their social and emotional habits. The purpose of this study is to identify the role mental health plays in the academic success of young adolescents by exploring Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) programs within middle schools. Through this research, the research seeks to determine the best practices teachers and counselors recommend to adequately support middle school students.

Thesis Summary

Adolescence is a crucial period for young adolescents as they experience a significant amount of change. This is the premier time for issues related to mental health to occur. Therefore, this study functions as a means to identify how counselors and teachers define student well-being, how prepared they feel to address mental health according to their education program, and best practices to address these mental health crises that may occur in the classroom.

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