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Early Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Alisa Leckie


It is widely known that there is a gap in literacy scores between boys of color and their white peers. There are many factors such as lack of adequate resources, representation in text, societal and cultural influences, and the school to prison pipeline that create this achievement gap. These factors impact boys of color and their literacy as they navigate in the elementary classroom. A case study was conducted to see what current literacy teachers are doing in elementary classrooms to close this gap. This research will inform both novice and experienced literacy teachers on strategies and methods they can use to increase boys of color literacy scores in their classroom.

Thesis Summary

It is a prevalent issue around the United States as boys of color literacy scores decline compared to their white peers. There are numerous factors like lack of support and strong relationships, Cultural and Societal Influences, and lack of representation in text that create an issue for achieving this gap. Novice and experienced teachers need to be equipped and knowledgeable in creating an engaging and supportive classroom for their boys of color so that their literacy skills develop and flourish.