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Psychology (B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Denice Rios


Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) exhibit skill deficits in several areas. One of those areas is social skills. Social skills are very important for development and learning. One common intervention to increase social skills in children with ASD is social skills groups. Social skills groups use the principles of the science of behavior to teach various social skills effectively and efficiently to children with ASD. A common setting where children’s social skill deficits increase is in classroom settings. The purpose of this study was to implement a social skills group intervention in a classroom setting to increase social skills for children with ASD. Results showed that all participants increased their social skills through the social skills group intervention.

Thesis Summary

The current research attempted to see how the user of social skills training groups can be implemented into classroom settings. The social skills group used ABA interventions to teach 5 participants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) social skills for identifying and correctly responding to facial expressions. The data showed that social skills groups are an effective and efficient way to tach social skills to children with ASD.