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Rehabilitation Sciences (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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David Bringman


Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis work within the pediatric population and are used to help children reach milestones throughout their development. This survey is meant to assess the amount of interdisciplinary collaboration that is occurring within these disciplines. The research team believes that this interdisciplinary collaboration could be beneficial to the pediatric population, but understands that this survey is a baseline and needs further research. Through a survey, there were 29 total participants, 22 PT/OT and 7 ABA therapists. The survey showed evidence of ABA techniques being used within PT and OT sessions for betterment of the therapeutic sessions. Qualtrics was the application used for the survey and data analysis for this project. There is potential for further research in the importance of this collaboration. It would be beneficial to look into the benefits of interdisciplinary training of ABA techniques for PT/OT to ensure that the best techniques are being utilized within therapy sessions.