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Recreation (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Thomas Sweeney


After-school programs have proven themselves to be a fantastic way for students to gain extra learning and social skills, while not in the usual school setting. Another benefit is to increase physical activity, to lessen the chance of childhood obesity. In Butts county, more specifically Daughtry Elementary School, there is currently an after-school program, but it does not have much of a structure- recreationally or at all. This poses a hidden problem for the students in the school system who may have no one to motivate them to get active, or no one to make them do any kind of outside socializing. By assessing the current needs of the students at Daughtry Elementary school, recommendations were made to open the possibility of integrating an inclusive, recreationally based after-school program- should they choose to do so. In order to do this, Zoom interviews were conducted to fully understand the student’s, teacher’s, and parent’s needs at the school. The interviews addressed any roadblocks for not already having an inclusive program and the benefits for the students specifically at DES that an inclusive, programmed after-school program would bring. Currently, most after-school programs do not allow students who have special needs or behavior issues to attend. The research conducted here found that the current roadblocks are staffing, funding, and training. By having an after-school program in place, we are adhering to a student’s emotional, physical, and behavioral needs.