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Writing & Linguistics (B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Jared Yates Sexton


The purpose of my thesis is to create a series of connected short stories based around a dysfunctional family. It will take the first person point of view of a different family member each story and them going through the motions in one day. Each character will have a distinct voice to make the stories stand out. The stories will describe how they cope with their problems with in the family and in their everyday lives. Each character will be loosely related to a different Roman planet. The stories will focus around the father, mother, son, grandmother, and aunt. Each of the characters will be orbiting around the grandmother and they will all have their own problems to answer too. I researched a lot of Roland Barthes writing while creating this thesis to understand how texts are interpreted differently. In order for a reader to interpret a text, they cannot look into the writers inspirations or meanings. If readers do; it will blur the meaning they take away. I was also inspired by several novels in my different writing styles.

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