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Music Education: Choral/Instrumental (B.M.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Laura Stambaugh


This project is a cumulative portfolio of my work as a conductor during the past two years of undergraduate study. It is designed to prepare me for both graduate school auditions and the graduate level work-load. I have evaluated myself as a conductor, filmed videos of myself conducting rehearsals and performances, attended conducting master classes and completed a comprehensive analysis of choral works that I have studied or conducted. I have also included evaluations by mentors or professors administered throughout the course of the project. The project demonstrates by its very nature my growth as a conductor over the course of the project, and the improvement is clearly illustrated through both the outside evaluations and the videos of my conducting.

Conducting Master Class.mp4.mp4 (347205 kB)
Video excerpt of me in a Conducting Master Class

Excerpt Compilations.mp4.mp4 (419049 kB)
Video of excerpts of me conducting various ensembles