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Graphic Design (BFA

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Thesis (open access)

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Jason Murdock


Emotions are at the core of every human being. They can dictate the decisions we make whether we are aware of it or not, and can be shown in many ways. For my honors thesis, I created a magazine that explores emotions. I utilized my skills and knowledge in portrait photography to showcase the complexities of happiness, sadness, anger, and anxiety. I also employed my skills in design to not only present these feelings but evoke that specific emotion in my audience with ideas such as color theory and photographic psychology. Color theory encompasses a multitude of practices on how color is used and perceived. Things such as how intense a color is or how different colors look next to each other impact how someone perceives a design or photo. Different colors also have different meanings to the human mind, and I utilized that while creating the magazine.

Photographic psychology is another idea I used during my investigation. It is the exploration of how different photographic elements are used to create a piece and how a person views it. By exploring elements such as light, angles, perspective, I was able to express each emotion clearly to the audience. Overall, I was able to create a modern magazine that shows emotions are not one-dimensional.

Thesis Summary

Waves: An exploration of emotions analyzes happiness, sadness, anger, and anxiety. Through portrait photography, I was able to showcases the complexities of each emotion and display them in this magazine.

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