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Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Addie Martindale


One in 4 people (85 million) in the United States has been diagnosed with a form of a disability, with 13.7 percent (44 million) having a mobility-related disability (CDC, 2020). Despite being the largest disability minority group in the US (CDC, 2020), the availability of clothes for pets is larger than the selection for people with disabilities (Ryan, 2018). The purpose of this qualitative study is to evaluate satisfaction of ready-to-wear and adaptive clothing among female consumers who use mobility aids. Fit issues, lack of availability, and lack of consideration for disability needs were found as overarching problems in both ready-to-wear and adaptive clothing. None of the participants interviewed found that ready-to-wear or adaptive clothing fully accommodates the needs of their disability. Results were used to design a 3-look collection to accommodate and empower women with disabilities.