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Finance (BBA)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Bill Wells


Through the years, increased policies and regulations have been created on a nationwide level to regulate the efficient use of energy resources, renewable energy sources and carbon dioxide emission reductions. Within recent years, a burgeoning number of voices have emphasized the importance of incorporating sustainability into investment portfolio construction. Sustainability is the doctrine of ensuring that short-term actions do not limit the range of long-term economic, social and environmental options. Co-integrating the realities of the present with the possibilities of the future. This leads to applicable questions: Is sustainability a viable measure in portfolio construction? Do sustainable portfolios outperform or underperform conventional portfolios?advances and technological innovations coming together, there is acceleration in the transition to a low-carbon economy – a society more productive and less dependent or independent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the creation of goods and services.Results demonstrate you can increasingly distinguish between the performance of sustainable portfolios and conventional indices.

Available for download on Monday, November 03, 2025