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Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Fernando Rios-Gutierrez


The research project “Improved Signal Performance for Smartphones” involves collecting and analyzing data from a smartphone’s available connections and making the information available in a simple application interface. Due to the data collection/analysis and iOS system framework, several ethical and professional issues will be encountered ranging from individual privacy to company standards/guidelines. These conflicts are addressed, and solutions are provided, along with researching into similar situations that others have reported. By making comparisons between this project and similar approaches, professional and ethical areas of concern can be addressed early into development, or completely avoided. The research project course was properly setup to provide a time frame, due dates, and guidelines for implementing each stage of the project. Project goals are explored in detail. All required components for the project implementation are listed, along with their functionality and availability for use. The final product was a program that accurately derived various characteristic from connections and displayed this data in tables and graphs for consumers to make use of.