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Child and Family Development (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Nikki DiGregorio


While there is a great deal of research pertaining to effective foster care reunification strategies and resources, there is a significant gap in the literature surrounding services for families, post-reunification. This is primarily due to a lack of resources for families following reunification and scarce research on the topic. Families who are reunified from foster care are at a critical point in terms of continued family unity, and they need additional support during this time of transition to prevent future reentry into foster care. While working towards reunification, families are provided with services and resources to help stabilize and unify the family system, yet oftentimes these services are no longer available after reunification is achieved. This paper examines the perceptions of a sample of Department of Family and Children’s Services caseworkers' as related to what resources are most beneficial for improving family unity post-reunification and what barriers exist for families who are accessing services. Because the caseworkers work closely with the families, they have a unique perspective to what resources would be most effective at preventing reentry into foster care. Post-reunification services must be targeted and consistent to remain effective at maintaining family unity.