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Nursing (BSN)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Faculty Mentor

Kari Mau, DNP, APRN-BC


This project is to communicate the nurse’s role in understanding how the field of genetics has become increasingly important in advanced medicine. Critical research and technology support these advances by providing further insight into the biological role of DNA in chronic disease. Nurses are challenged when patients require guidance in investigating their genomic background. The responsibility lies within the interpretation of genetic testing results, as they will apply to competent, informed health management. The study was initiated through the review of existing evidence-based research addressing patient advocacy and education within the field of genetics, specifically the availability and reliability of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing (DTCGT). An online module was created consisting of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on DTCGT for graduate nurses enrolled in a nurse practitioner program. The module was a required element of current curriculum establishing the level of knowledge and comprehension on DTCGT, as well as practitioner obligation in counseling patients on hereditary risk factors, interpretation and referral options within the nursing scope of practice. The data collected includes pre- and post-course survey answers, in which the investigators used to assess the effectiveness of the educational online learning module.