Honors College Theses

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Interior Design (B.S.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Faculty Mentor

Sarah Zenti


This project evaluates the background noise levels of a frequently used computer lab in the Interdisciplinary Academic Building (IAB) at Georgia Southern University (GSU) and incorporates modifications to a Revit model of the computer lab to promote noise absorption and better acoustics. The researcher used the dB Meter Pro application on an iPhone interface to record the sound level measurements on an A-weighted decibel scale. The sound level measurements were taken on multiple occasions during class meeting times and while the classroom was empty to determine the background noise level with no students inside the room and noise added by students. Additional measurements were taken in two other classrooms in the IAB to observe acoustic solutions used elsewhere in the building and demonstrate the excessive background noise in the computer lab. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommended background noise level for an empty learning environment is 35 dB (A). It was discovered that the average background noise level in the computer lab was well above that standard, at 52.2 dB (A) without students in the room, and 57.44 dB (A) when students are inside the classroom. In response to this discovery, the researcher built a Revit model of the computer lab and modified the environment to enhance acoustics. The solutions proposed were chosen based on prior research and the effectiveness of the solutions used in the other classrooms observed in the IAB.