Honors College Theses

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Interior Design (B.S.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Beth McGee


This study addresses Generation Z’s design preferences for hotel guestrooms. Generation Z is the generation that consists of people who were born between the mid-1990’s to mid-2000’s, an important upcoming generation for the business world and for the hotel industry specifically. This study aims to help guide the hotel industry in creating better business and design decisions by illuminating the preferences of this new generation of clients. With growing research support for biophilic design due to the many benefits related to health and wellbeing, there are key features to further explore for Generation Z and hotel design. Biophilic interior design has a growing research base, but Generation Z preferences in regard to hotel guestroom design is under explored. Generally, Generation Z prefers the functionality of designs rather than the small details. Through the use of questionnaires and virtual reality, this study found that Generation Z has preference for nature-based artwork, including abstract art and accessible technology that offers some level of customization.

Thesis Summary

Researching Generation Z and their biophilic preferences will help the hotel industry in the future to create more revenue by knowing who their clients are and what they prefer as a whole. Nature and biophilic design have not been researched on the topic of incorporating it with Generation Z specifically and what they prefer.