Honors College Theses

A Usability Study of the WINGS Registration Interface

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Writing & Linguistics (B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Janice Walker


Georgia Southern University hosts a website that is a hub for all university-related business called the Web Interactive Networks for Georgia Southern (WINGS). Students, faculty, and staff use this website regularly for a broad range of services, including registering for classes, providing contact information to the university, accessing financial aid information, and requesting transcripts.

Because WINGS provides such vital services, its peak functionality is a necessity. Despite its importance, though, the system’s ease of use has come under public criticism. This thesis explores whether the registration interface is meeting users’ needs through conducting an informal usability study. This process gauges how quickly and easily WINGS users can access course-related services and accomplish tasks. Findings from this usability study would provide the foundation for further analysis of the WINGS registration interface and enable developers to better tailor the program to meet users’ needs.

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