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Anthropology (B.A.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

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Dr. Heidi Altman


Archaeologists have suggested that fiber related crafts, such as fiber processing, fiber coloring, and textile production, may have transpired in close proximity to Structure 6 and Stela 22 at the ancient Maya site of La Milpa North in northwestern Belize. In this paper, I argue that women of high social standing within the La Milpa North community, possibly members of a socio-political or artisanal faction, performed the aforementioned tasks in this locality as a method of fortifying social bonds between other high-status members, and/or in response to either domestic, communal, or regional demands. This research project provides a glimpse into the social divisions of labor that existed in Maya society throughout the Late Classic and contributes greatly toward our understanding of community and spatial organization at La Milpa North.