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Art 3D Studio (BFA

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Thesis (open access)

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Marc Moulton


An exploration in two parts into the development of a narrative through manufactured evidence designed specifically to encourage the suspense of disbelief. The physical work exists within a faux anthropological museum exhibition focused around a human whose history and existence is entirely fabricated. The structural work is the layers of historical and practical research used to develop the suggestion of reality. The exhibit contains samples of the research, artifacts, and specimens collected by the deceased naturalist August Hermann Kotz, along with his falsified history. The second part consists of an overview of the research process and techniques needed to successfully create the work. The intent behind this project is twofold, for the audience who knows it’s false it must be made to be fascinating, for the uninformed audience it must be believable enough to garner investigation. From both audiences, the reactions are highly positive. The informed audience reacted with fondness and excitement. The uninformed audience with curiosity and patience. My stylistic choices and processes have been permanently influenced by this project.

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