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Accounting (BBA)

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Thesis (open access)

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Thomas Buckhoff


The infamous 2017 Equifax breach not only compromised millions of citizens’ data, but the breach also left Equifax vulnerable to lawsuits that claim the company acted negligently. This thesis analyzes the events and facts behind the incident to determine the probable outcome of the main case against Equifax. A claim of a breach can come from either Equifax’s data protection or breach response. This thesis concludes the results of the case depends on the final court to determine if Equifax acted negligently with its data protection. If the case ends in the Eleventh District Court of Appeals, the court will probably decide Equifax was negligent. If the case ends in the Supreme Court, the Court will probably decide Equifax was not negligent. This thesis also concludes that Equifax did not act negligently with its response to the breach.

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