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Nursing (BSN)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Pamela Worrell-Carlisle, PhD, CHPN, MA, RN


Aims: The purpose of this study is to examine the potential biases and social stigmas toward mental health on Georgia Southern’s campus. The research questions explored are as follows: (1) Are there mental health biases on campus? (2) Are there any differences between college, class status, marital status, race, age, or gender in terms of mental health bias? (3) Do students feel as though there are available resources on campus? (4) Do students feel comfortable reaching out for help?

Methods: Data was collected from 350 undergraduate students over the age of 18 via a Likert-style questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of a total of 27 questions.

Results: 94% of participants desired an ability to make an online counseling appointment in a secure manner; 67.4% of participants did not believe that the media accurately represented mental illness; and 64.6% of participants would be more inclined to seek help for a mental illness if friends or family were more accepting.

Conclusions: According to the study, it is evident that campus resources could be more accessible to students. It is also evident that students are more inclined to reach out for help and utilize resources if they feel more accepted by their friends or family.