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Logistics (BBA)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Christian Rossetti


The implementation of Internet of Things technology is becoming increasingly popular in the logistics industry due to its promise of valuable payoffs. The benefits will span across the entire logistics value chain, and benefits from IoT implementation will also impact areas such as operational efficiency, safety, security, and customer experience, while redesigning traditional business models. This report specifically focuses on creating a dynamic logistics system using the Internet of Things. The findings of this report focus on the associated cost savings between traditional logistics systems, and a daily dynamic model enabled by IoT technology. By applying IoT to logistics operations we can begin to approach difficult operational and business questions in smart, innovative ways. Optimizing how people, systems, and assets work together through the implementation of IoT will further redefine business processes and ultimately, advanced analytics will be applied to the entire value chain to identify wider improvement opportunities and best practices.