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Writing & Linguistics (B.A.)

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Thesis (restricted to Georgia Southern)

Faculty Mentor

Jared Yates Sexton


In this literary retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Angela Bennett finds herself transported to a new world after her husband returns from was with several life-changing injuries, including PTSD. Angela is, then, forced to learn how to navigate through a different and sometimes dangerous life. She struggles to balance her work and personal responsibilities, including a bagel-hoarding man named Reggie and a pompous writer, Theodore Kline, who function as The Caterpillar and The Cheshire Cat, respectively. After the War explores themes of tragedy, mental illness, and the stigma associated with it, and the effects of war on family unit. Just as Alice discovered how to survive in a disparate and fragmented world, Angela must do the same before facing The Red Queen, who is the true personification of PTSD. Though her world may never be the same, she attempts to keep her family together in spite of all odds.

Available for download on Friday, November 12, 2117