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Early Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Meca Williams-Johnson


The purpose of this study is to dissect a topic that is heavily discussed around the world: women’s education and the many diverse ways in which it is practiced. One of the reasons women’s education is such a highly-debated topic is because there are still many differences in how people believe it should be accomplished while other places do not see the advantage or purpose of educating women. There are many countries with male dominated enrollment because of the women’s traditionally-held gender role of staying at home or because the family’s socioeconomic status. This study compared the experiences of women’s education in the United States to those of women in foreign countries to help widen not only the understanding of how education is perceived and practiced, but also how different cultures affect how women’s education is viewed. International female students who are currently attending universities in the United States were interviewed with questions regarding the education of women in their home countries and any barriers or obstacles women have had to overcome. Then, by comparing the differences in their educational experiences, this study helps the reader gain a better understanding of how far women’s education has progressed, and the diversity in women’s educational experiences.