Honors College Theses

Motivating Students with Different Needs

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Middle Grades Education (B.S.Ed.)

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Thesis (open access)

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Meca Williams - Johnson, Dr. Yasar Bodur, Dr. Michelle Reidel


The study that was conducted focused on the similarities and differences in the way the teachers of gifted students, the teachers of students with special needs, and the teachers who teach on­-level students, motivate their students. The teachers that were interviewed will teach students from one or more of the different ability levels, in order to achieve a range of data. The gap that this research filled is the more specific and detailed ways that teachers believe can be used to motivate students and what methods work across multiple ability levels. Studies have shown that teachers have an exceptional influence on a student’s sense of motivation but the individual strategies have not be highlighted and presented.

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