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Political Science (B.A.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Jamie Scalera


The welfare state is a component of many government systems in which the government provides social services to the citizens of a state. The welfare state varies from state to state and is dependent upon different factors such as the demand from citizens, the unemployment rate, and the number of retired citizens. I believe that the welfare state has become institutionalized in economies and governments around the world making it impossible for governments to remove the welfare state. In a comparative analysis I will examine the demands for the welfare state in the United States, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and the effect it has on society. I will explore the differences in how welfare states were formed, how they compare present day and differences in citizens’ demand. I will shed light on why the welfare state persists and reasons it would be detrimental to end the welfare state. This analysis will demonstrate the effects of the welfare state on society and vice versa for each respective country.