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International Trade (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Darin H. Van Tassell


This research effort is a comparative study on the political impact on host countries holding the World Cup. Specifically, are the impacts different for a developed country compared to a developing country? The two case studies in Germany (host of the 2006 World Cup) and South Africa (host of 2010 World Cup) will be analyzed. Such cases offer excellent insight into the amount of political power associated with the World Cup -- especially the preceding year of the tournament due to the host country being under a proverbial microscope. Information in this analysis is derived from archival research on electoral trends from two years prior and two years after the tournament was held in Germany and South Africa. I will look to see if the party in power remains in power at both the provincial governments and the federal level. My research supported the hypothesis that the party in power in the developing country continues to have the most seats in Parliamentary from hosting the World Cup. This research can possibly give us insight to other mega sporting events as well.