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Psychology (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Shauna Joye


Color-emotion pairings are part of everyday experience, and they develop in early childhood. Emotional experiences are typically much stronger when emotional stimuli (e.g., pictures or videos) are paired with sensory stimuli (e.g., sights or sounds). Since the presence of these sensory stimuli seems to heighten the emotional experience of emotion-evoking visual stimuli, it should be the case that such pairings will allow the manipulation of color-emotion pairings through the presence of a color (a visual stimulus) during an emotional situation (such as watching a video). In this study (N = 44), we paired both a positive and negative video with the color green. We also measured participants’ suggestibility, which served as a covariate. Although results were not significant, out findings suggest that this is a valid line of research. Limitations and suggestions for future research are discussed.