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Justice Studies (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. Adam Bossler


The US government is utilizing multiple controversial methods to detect and prevent terrorism. Do government officers, such as police, view these programs differently than university students? What other differences may exist to explain the difference in viewpoint? Surveys were given to the students of Georgia Southern University and officers of the Statesboro Police Department. They provided their respective opinions on these programs. The data suggested that police were more open to the use of surveillance to prevent terrorism. Police were more willing to allow the government to use surveillance against Muslims, Latinos, Liberals, Christians, and Conservatives. Also between the two groups, police were more likely to think the USA PATRIOT ACT is helpful in stopping terrorism. There were distinct differences between these two populations in their views on surveillance and the threats posed by terrorist organizations. From these differences in perceptions, two different pictures of the state of the nation can be taken away.