Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI): The Perfect Storm has Arrived!

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Clinical Laboratory Science


On any given day approximately 1 of every 25 inpatients in U.S. acute care hospitals has at least one healthcare–associated infection (HAI), adding up to about 722,000 infections in 2011. Pneumonia and surgical-site infection are the most common infection types, and Clostridium difficile is the most common pathogen. ractically, what this means is that over 200 patients will die the day you read this article and every day until the global community is able to address this healthcare crisis. If you do the simple math you will realize this results in about 4% of hospitalized patients who developed one or more HAI due to the care received in the hospital and of those, about 75,000 died during their hospital stay each year in the United States from HAI. Imagine a jet airliner going down every day in this country and the American public accepting it without much notice. In reality, that is what is happening with HAI. This FOCUS series of articles has been dedicated to three current, cutting edge topics concerned with contemporary issues regarding HAI