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Fall 2013

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Georgia Southern University, Recreation Activity Center, Eagles night out, True Blue spotlight, Chris Bostain, Trey Yearwood, Africa, Gus, Campus growth, Lakeside Dining Commons, Landrum, Biological Sciences Building, Shooting Sports Education Center, Laura Bush, Former First Lady, Del Presley, Historian, Regional culture, Georgia Southern University - an inspiring past, a promising future: the Presley exhibition, China Altman, Public garden of Boston, Rose Brigade, Mary Helen Altman, Georgia Teachers College, Golf Course, Tianna Quiller, Learning to overcome, Operation move-in, J. Charles Williamson, White-collar crime, MBI program, Curtis Ricker, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Willis Mwangola, 31st annual Decision Sciences Institute’s (DSI) Doctoral Student Consortium, Allen Amason, College of Business Administration, Undergraduate receptions, Department of Teaching and Learning, Yasar Bodur, Julie Maudlin, Scott Beck, College of Engineering and Information Technology, Mike Jackson, Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Murali Medidi, Computer Sciences Department, Frank “Skip” Gross, Department of Electrical Engineering, Brian L Vlcek, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eidson House, John Olin Eidson, STEM festival, Department of Health and Kinesiology, Master of Science degree in Sport Management, Lili Yu, Ruth Whitworth, International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA), Student internships, Dhara Shah, Megan Fannon, Matthew Holmes, Concussion Research, Tom Buckle, John Van Stan, Panama's rainforest, Darin Van Tassell, Patrick Novotny, Listening, Looking, Living: Qualitative Research, Center for Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business, Inspector General’s office, Sharon Radzyminski, Georgia Association of Nursing Deans and Directors (GANDD), Helen Bland, Bridget Melton, Teen pregnancy, Eagle QuaRC, Christopher Brkich, Robert Lake, Mujibur Khan, Football, J.J. Wilcox, NFL, Mark Byington, Kassi Lee, Allen E. Paulson Stadium, Sun Belt Conference, Jaybo Shaw, Darius Eubanks, Volleyball, Kate Van Dyke, Baseball, Justin Hess, Swimming and Diving, David Giambra, Women's Golf, Tom Kleinlein, Larry Mays, Basketball, Chester Webb, National Fastpitch Coaches Association’s All-America Scholar-Athlete, Softball, Timothy Martin Earls, Hollywood, Eric Strauss, Art, Homecoming, Red Flag Gang, Nick Wiley, Wildlife Conservation Commission, Faye Chatman, Donna Brewton Brooks, Jeffrey Hanson, Francys Johnson, Jesse Davis, Amy Duke, Jill Knight, Patrick J. Smith, Class ring, Salua Brannen, Cheryl Saxon, Andrea Miller, Kate Randall, Caleb Holloway, Darin Lane, Dr. Kelly R. Price, Chester Curry, Jacob Elisha (J.E.) Rowe, Annette Slater Branch, James “Jim” William Long, Esther Raines Mallard, Martin Parris, Tommy Dee "Doc" Smith, David Lee, ROTC, Eagle Battalion, Golf Tournament, Fundraiser, James Van Epps, Wounded Eagle Fund, George K. Brannen, George K. Brannen English Scholar's Award, George K. Brannen Department of Writing and Linguistics Award, A Day for Southern, Legacy Society, Georgia Southern’s Garden of the Coastal Plain, Eugene M. Bishop Alumni Center


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