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  • Four More Performances Remain For 'Torn Thumb' In Limited McCroan Space
  • CYD Discusses Year's Activities
  • Dr. Sterling Adams Schedules Piano Performance For Nov. 2
  • New Fine Arts Center Bid Let; Construction Set To Begin Soon
  • Campus Security Has New Officer
  • New Plan Of Organization Works Out Tine' In Library
  • Two Professors Will Participate In Science Meet
  • Williams Named Area President
  • Mandes Releases Appointments To Editorial Board
  • Poet Asks Student Writers To Select 'Single' Themes
  • Students Shun Flu Vaccination
  • Tom King
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Ciardi Cites Poetry Value; Attacks 'Dutiful' Approach
  • Paul Goodman
  • Have The Demonstrators Really Caused A Problem In The U. S.?
  • Welter Explains Child Research To Science Club
  • Fourteen Eligible For Math Club
  • Class Elections Approaching In Future - Broucek
  • 'Hillbilly Heaven' Theme Honors Theta Pi Rushes
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Off-Beat 'Floyd And Eddy' Sing In Progressive -Style
  • Buddy De Franco Featured In Third Annual Phi Mu Festival
  • College - Community Orchestra Initiated For GSC, Statesboro
  • Practice Sessions Open Eagle Basketball Season
  • Tenpinners Open Season
  • Five Unbeaten In IM Action
  • Football Is Now Woman's Game

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, Student Media, Tom Thumb, McCroan, College Young Democrats (CYD), Sterling Adams, Harold Howell, Claussen and Webster Construction, Robert Boxer, Rollin Williams, Hassie McElveen, Richard J. Mandes, John Ciardi, Rollin Williams, Dave Welter, Kay Hendricks, Kappa Mu Alpha, Buddy DeFranco, Lehman Stanley, Tenpinners, Intramural Touch Football League


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