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  • Two plays planned for summer term
  • Officials Attend NEA Convention In New York City
  • Faculty members will do advanced study next year
  • Former BC Sheriff Joins Security Force; Department Reorganized
  • Simons named new assistant college registrar
  • Rising costs in nation's colleges will climb higher
  • New scoreboard expected here during month
  • House councils elect officers
  • Creative Drama Will Be Offered During Summer
  • Dr. Clyde Vedder delivers speech at conference
  • She shakes, swims and crawls on belly
  • Averitt named national Rotary Foundation trustee
  • Visual grant given Education Division
  • Music division is recipient of gift
  • Spring Quarter Dean's List At Ga. Southern Announced
  • $56,000 Institute in progress here
  • Dr. John Codwell Speaks Here To to summer class
  • Coaching Clinic Set For summer school program
  • Dr. Ralph Tyson Named to Post On Committee
  • Cast for 'Miss Julie' selected for play
  • College begins Peace Corps Graduate Study
  • Free speech alley needed paper says

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southern College, The George-Anne, Student Media, Zach S. Henderson, Penny Allen, Harold Howell, Kenneth Westcott Simons, Alpha Phi Omega, Doe Jones, House Councils, Clyde B. Vedder, Creative Dramatics, Larry E. Price, Eliot Battle, Jack N. Averitt, Walter B. Mathews, Education Division, Hayden Bryant, Career Counseling Clinic, Ben G. Waller, Ronald J. Neil, Betty Lane, Ralph Tyson, Peace Corps


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