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  • GTC Homecoming Is Feb. 7
  • Who Really Knows?
  • Deadline Set For Student Teacher Blanks: Park
  • March of Dimes Drive To Top $300 Mark
  • Powell Will Fill Warren's Term
  • Seventeen Contestants Compete In GTC's Annual Beauty Revue
  • Philharmonic Choir Will Present An Operetta, "The Fortune Teller"
  • Faculty Members Attend - Meeting
  • Division Of Arts To Conduct Two Seminars Here
  • Student Trainee Exam Offered
  • Music Potpourri
  • Vet's Corner
  • Kentucky Wesleyan To Play Professors
  • Campus Corner
  • ...Moore or Less
  • Ray's way...

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Georgia Southern University, Georgia Teachers College, Student Media, James Bryant Conant, Homecoming, Beauty Review, Herbert Powell, Sue Warren, Ray Wilson, McCroan Auditorium, Philharmonic Choir, Paul F. Carroll, Division of Arts, United States Civil Service Commission, National Gaurd, Kentucky Wesleyan College, William Carey College, Delta State, Jacksonville University, Girl's Intramural Basketball Tournament, Arien Hester


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