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  • Class Elections Held Today
  • "Ginger" Morrison Wins California Beauty Show
  • Carroll Installs Council Officers In Assembly
  • Enrollment Record Is Set; Registration Officially Ends
  • Students' NEA Convention Held This Weekend
  • Band Instruments Clinic to Be Held October 14; All Invited
  • Lewis, Cone Halls Elect House Moguls
  • Mullis Named Drum Majorette Of GTC Band
  • Hyde and Seek
  • Safety on Campus
  • Additional Activities Added
  • Editor's Desk
  • Rat Squeaks
  • Editor Welcomes Letters
  • Students Should Vote
  • Regents Table GTC Graduate School Request
  • Student Paper Starts Unrest Behind Curtain
  • Inquiring Reporter
  • Sanders and Williams at Roanoke College in Summer Stock Theater
  • Music Potpurrie
  • Scearce Issues Basketball Call To All Aspirants
  • Announce En Melodie Meeting
  • Home Economics Club Activities Inaugurated With Afternoon Tea
  • Campus Column
  • World=Wide Award Directory Announced by Placement Institute
  • Phelps is Treas., Kirkland Editor, on BSU Council
  • Music Ed. Club Meets Tuesday
  • Father of GTC Student Killed in Automobile Wreck
  • Hugh's Who
  • I.M. Football, Volleyball Competition Begins; Eight Teams Make Debut Monday Afternoon
  • Phil Clark On Road to Fame
  • Hanner Feels New Buildings Will Help Science Division
  • Vet's Corner
  • Screening Program Begins At Madison Early Next Month

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