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  • Registration for This Quarter Reaches 912
  • Swedish Student Says Fried Chicken is Great
  • Henry's Opens; Latest Campus Styles Featured
  • Jaycees Elect McDougald President For This Year
  • Pi Omega Pi's Requirements Are Considered
  • Freshmen Take Expression Test
  • Masquers Hold Program For New members
  • Miscellany
  • President Announces New Faculty Members
  • Hyde and Seek
  • The Responsibility is Yours
  • Asian Flu Shots??
  • Cooperation Will Be Key
  • Rat Squeaks
  • Statement of Policy
  • Big Sisters Come to Aid of Troubled Freshmen
  • The Freshmans Creed
  • Music Potpourrie
  • Kappa Phi Kappa Holds Orientation for Freshmen
  • Dr. Henderson GTC Students Welcomes New
  • Harold Steele Appointed Dean At W. Georgia
  • Intramural Program Plans Given; Activities Will Begin Next Week
  • Doc's Digest
  • Play Night Plans Recreation For Every Student
  • Tourney Slate Announced By GTC, Jaycees
  • Doc's Digest-
  • Ministers Introduced In Assembly

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