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  • Tootle Is President; Richards And Holt Make Student Council
  • Lab School is Named For Marvin S. Pittman
  • Open Letter Is Sent to Students By Comptroller
  • GTC Students Receive Awards
  • Dear Brutus Presented Next Thursday-Friday
  • GTC Benefits
  • A Letter...
  • Are We Ready?
  • Circus, Show Or Giant Flies?
  • A Good Job
  • The Music Box
  • Man: Faux Pas
  • The German Future
  • Athletic Banquet Slated May 19
  • Personalities...
  • Campus Column
  • Fashion or Fad? Bermuda Shorts
  • On The Sideline...
  • Music Ed. Club Has Mardi Gras Saturday Night
  • Students to give Nursery program
  • FBLA Plans All-Day Outing
  • GTC's Jumping
  • Dean Announces Exam Schedule
  • Professors Clinch GIC In 22-2 Piedmont Win
  • Freshmen Win Initial Contest
  • Warren, Powell Leads Teachers
  • Little Signed By Cincinnati Reds
  • Public Opinion Poll
  • Home Ec. Club At Tybee Beach This Weekend
  • Faculty News Briefs
  • BSU Party At Tybee, May 21
  • Veterans Have Hamburger Fry
  • Art Club Names Officers Slate
  • Meeting Planned For Cave Club

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Georgia Southern University


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