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Class registration, Academic Advisement Center, Georgia State Univeresity, campus bigotry, telephone registration, placement office, Cooperative Education Program, Career Awareness Day, Renee Dupuis, Teasha Pauline, Christina Martin, Richard Alfredo, LSD, Jell-O shot, two-way interactive video course, Altamaha Technical Institute, Brunswick College, quarter system, semester system, Board of Regents, PAWS, unwanted animals, Suzanne Cobb, “Community Based Instruction for the Disabled”, Summer Opportunity School, Jim Trelease, “The New Read-Aloud Handbook”, National Commission on Reading, “Reading Aloud: Motivating Children to Make Books into Friends, not Enemies”, Police Beat, resident assistants, Elderhostel, Deborah Champion, rattlesnake roundup, environmentalists, Gary Peeples, cocky rednecks, UGA writer, InfoTrac, Lexis/Nexis, Wyche Fowler, H.K. Porter, Theatre South, “A Christmas Carol”, cancer, smoking, Great American Smokeout, Jim Trelease, “Reading Aloud: How to Motivate Children”, bad moods, Georgia Southern University football, full-tackle football, Trojans, Jill Dunn, Lady Eagle basketball team, Southern Conference, Georgia Southern men’s Cross Country team, NCAA District III Cross Country Championship, Team Volna


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