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Doctoral program, Board of Regents, Macon, 1996 Summer Games, Russian Olympic Training Site, Olympic Games, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, law enforcement, Simi Valley City Council, white supremacist, Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, runoff election, Patrick Harrison, David Spran, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Atlanta Braves Game, mob, Statesboro Police, Jubilant students, Jonathan Bullington, Police Beat, “Sex in the 90’s”, Health Center and Union Productions, AIDS virus, Theatre South, Marriage of Bette and Boo, Christopher Durang, Danda Kluever, Tyna Hagins, Landrum Lady, “The Little Rascals”, African American women authors, African American Studies Program, college alcoholics, rehabilitation treatment, binge drinking, Southern Pride Marching Band, “Student Appreciation Show”, Eagle Sanctuary, Lamar Q. Ball Raptor Center, geese, Goose Sanctuary, World Series, National League, Counseling Center, James Madison University, Dukes, Toronto Blue Jays, Georgia Southern baseball team, Francisco Cabrera, Julie Ciezkowski, Lady Eagle volleyball team, Georgia Southern University soccer team, Citadel Bulldogs, Tracy Ham, Georgia Southern Hall of Fame


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