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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


Student Government Association, SGA funds, black students, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, University of Georgia, Savannah College of Art and Design, William Connor Tindal Jr., Robert Eugene Carson II, bomb threats, Southern Pride Marching Band, Southern Pride Spirit Flag, Georgia Southern University football team, Tony Beasley, Georgia public colleges, state employees union, Vanilla Ice impersonator, Shawn Tony Hernandez, Bullch Alliance for Better Infant Educational Services, BABIES, Washington D.C., Revisions, Catherine Hungerford, Upward Bound Program, Police Beat, Georgia Legislative Intern Program, government internships, Badminton Club, Panama, GSU Museum, presidential campaign, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Wendell Dickerson, blisters, “How to Create Sports business Opportunities”, Campus Life Enrichment Committee, Rich Horrow, J. California Cooper, Daughters of the Dust, Savannah State, Atlanta Braves, Georgia Southern Cross Country team, State Championship, Georgia Southern soccer team, Charleston Southern University, Mike Roselle, Jack Kerouac Literary Prize, Sara Fresco


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