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  • Y Conference Held In March
  • Women Lead Men In Fall Term Averages
  • Girls Attend Athletic Meet
  • Tech "Y" Singers Be Here Friday
  • Athletic Club Buys Equipment
  • Wilde's Drama Highly Enjoyed
  • Variety Program At Pembroke
  • President Wells at Cleveland This Week
  • Poet's Corner
  • Read and Enjoy
  • Need for a Handbook
  • Dear Editor
  • Sports
  • Profs Win First Boxing Match
  • Baseball Begins Officially Today
  • Societies to Hold Quarterly Debate
  • Sally's Advice to The Lovelorn
  • Hines Leads Scores of Basketball Season
  • K-I-G-Y
  • On Other Campuses
  • Our College
  • Clubs

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Georgia Southern University, Student Media


South Georgia Teachers College, Georgia Southern University, The George-Anne, Student Media, Newspaper, YMCA, YWCA, Woman's Athletic Association, Georgia Tech, Guy H. Wells, Woman's Athletic Association, Oglethorpe Society, University of Nevada, French Club


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