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  • Training School P.-T.A. To Sponsor Open-House
  • Our College
  • Telfair Art Exhibit Shown at College
  • Funds to Benefit Needy Children
  • Oglethorpes Win Literary Events
  • Rogers Laud President's NRA
  • Many Students Enjoy Minstrel
  • Teams Chosen for Deputation Work
  • Poet's Corner
  • Dear Editor
  • Sports
  • Teachers' Basketeers End Successful Season
  • Twelve Games Won By Profs
  • Alumni News
  • Quintet Wins Four Off-Games
  • Boxing Tournament To Be Staged Friday
  • D.L.D.'s Win In Sorority Tournament
  • K-I-G-Y
  • On Other Campusus
  • Chemistry Class See Paper Plant
  • Clubs

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Georgia Southern University


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